Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jenny Blue Eyes

POOR Beautiful JENNY BLUE EYES was saved in the nick of time from the NYC Kill Shelter. A good Samaritan brought JENNY, a 2 yr old Hound X weighing 46 lbs to the Shelter. She had found the dog as a stray. JENNY had multiple GUN PELLET WOUNDS ALL over her body and the wounds were infected. Apparently she had been USED FOR TARGET PRACTICE by some CRUEL PEOPLE that take pleasure in HURTING ANIMALS!

Despite her injuries, Jenny holds no grudges and she's been an absolute doll to everyone she's met. She's been easy to handle, sweet, loving and good and calm with all the dogs she's met and she's housebroken. An absolute DOLL - a truly "NO CONCERN" dog. Since she's shy and timid, we think she would be fine with small children, and other dogs and probably cats.. but will still need to test her with cats to be sure. We're not sure what breeds Jenny is mixed of... She looks part hound, part pointer and with those striking blue eyes...she may be part Husky? In any event, JENNY will make a WONDERFUL FAMILY ADDITION - Won't you come meet/adopt her today?

If you are interested in finding out more and meeting/adopting JENNY, please reply back to the reply-to e-mail above with your callback# or Call #917-699-4135 & leave a message - THANK YOU!

*Please note that there will be a reasonable adoption donation fee requested to cover shots, spay surgery & microchip*

If you can't adopt Jenny, please consider making a donation on her behalf to help with medical costs for her wounds by sending a check to:
HEAVEN CAN WAIT RESCUE @ 10 Gable Rd, New City, NY 10956

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


THIS SWEET HANDSOME BOY is scheduled to be euthanized tomorrow and he deserves another chance.... Won't you please SAVE HIM by COMMITTING to Adopting, Fostering or Sponsoring?

Link is Bluenose Pit X and oh soo HANDSOME.... we think he may have some hound mixed in him because of his floppy ears and his sweet face. He's a bit on the small side too at 46 lbs but he definitely needs to put on some more weight. Everyone at the shelter think he's an absolutely charming, magical dog and yet no one has adopted him and his time is up!! What's Links' magic charm? He is a super friendly dog with good energy- neither too wild nor too aloof. He's perfect for anyone who wants to take long walks followed by snuggling up on the couch, as he adores human contact and makes friends easily. He is very good on a leash and has been calm around other dogs and he does his business outside so that would indicate that he is housetrained.

He arrived here as a stray and our vets estimate that he's around 4/5 years old. Unfortunately we don't know how he is with cats but we think because of his calmer demeanor that he will probably be good with small kids - Please GIVE THIS BEAUTIFUL SWEET BOY A LIVING CHANCE!!

If you can help us to SAVE LINK by ADOPTING, FOSTERING OR SPONSORING (at least 2 weeks boarding)... please e-mail back to the reply to e-mail above or call #917-543-6193 TONIGHT ... no time is too late to call to save a dog! - THANK YOU!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Sweet, Playful 2 yr F Blk Lab X, Good w/ other Dogs, Kids , approx 46 lbs

This Sweet Gal was saved recently from the NYC Kill Shelter and she is in a foster home with 2 senior labs that don't want to play with her so we urgently need to find her a new home/foster home ASAP!

CHULA's owner surrendered this beautiful two year old explaining that someone had given Chula to him, but his aunt doesn't want a dog in the house. She is such a pretty gal. She was so easy on the leash and easy to handle. She's very friendly and As dogs passed us, she was fine. Her owner said that Chula loves men, women, and children, and is houstrained and obedient. Chula weighs 46 pounds.

If you want to meet/adopt CHULA, pls e-mail back to this post or to: or call #917-543-6193 for an application.

*Pls note there will be a reasonable adoption donation fee requested by the rescue group to cover shots, spay surgery and microchip


OSCAR is a handsome 2 year old male, brown and white Amstaff/Pit mix and a a very LUCKY dog! He was saved not once but twice a computer glitch at shelter.. for some reason, his record kept getting deleted off the euth list and he escaped euthanasia twice. Well a rescue group saw that he was a "lucky" dog and pulled him and placed him in a foster home. The foster fell in love with him and wanted to keep him but is now facing hardship issues and has to move in aweek and Oscar can't go with him.... so we must find him another home or foster by the end of this week (2/7)!

For an Amstaff/Pit Mix he is soo gentle and "very sweet" but a bit timid/submissive... he's a little wary around strangers at first.. but warms up with the proper introduction. He gets a bit frightened when people approach him too fast and will need some further confidence training with this, but once he gets to know you, he's your best buddy and he is oh so cuddly and snuggly!

Since he gets a little nervous around fast moving city life it would be preferable if we found him a home in the suburbs or the country. He's easy with other dogs both big and small and he loves playing with his toys and will play endlessly with them on his own... unfortunately we don't know how he is with cats or small children but we feel he would be fine with older children 12yrs +....please come and meet this wonderful wuggie of a dog today!

If you are interested in MEETING OSCAR or need more info, pls e-mail back to this post or to or call 917-543-6193.

*Please note there will be a minimal doption donation fee requested to cover shots, neuter surgery and microchip

Salomon & Tina - Daddy & Daughter

2 Gorgeous Bluenose Father/Daughter Amstaffs

Solomon - (Father) 2 yr M, Sweet Loving, approx 72 lbs
Tina - (Daughter), 9 mo F, Sweet, Adorable, Playful, approx 44 lbs

These SWEET BEAUTIFUL DOGS were pulled from the EUTH LIST at the CITY SHELTER and URGTLY need Homes/Foster Homes ASAP... please SAVE THEM by Adopting, Fostering or Sponsoring!! They can go together or separate.

Just a week ago...SOLOMON A very handsome 2 yr male bluenose amstaff was seized along with another dog -- his daughter... beautiful 9 month old Tina -- when law enforcement officers were searching their owner's apartment... the owner wasn't home so the dogs were taken into custody. The owner/relatives were given a week to reclaim the dogs and never contacted the shelter so the dogs were put on the euth list. Solomon was very frightened when he first came into the shelter but has since warmed up and is a complete sweet loving mush. He is a big boy at 72 lbs and will need exercise and discipline but is well worth the training. We know he's good with other dogs, particularly female dogs...but unfortunately we don't know how he is with cats and because of his physical size, we think he should not go with small children only older ones 10 yrs+ unless you've had previous experience with Bully Breeds... PLEASE SAVE/ADOPT HIM TODAY!!

Little Tina is a 9 mo F Bluenose Amstaff weighing only 44 lbs right now. Tina was seized with her canine housemate, her father - SOLOMON. This 9 month old is a real puppy: so full of life and yearning to have fun. She wants to play with people and dogs. She's quite good on the leash and appears to be housetrained. She will need further exercise and discipline and obedience training but she is absolutely ADORABLE, SWEET, LOVING, FRIENDLY and a NO CONCERN PUP!!

We think she will be fine with cats and small children as long as the humans are experienced with bully breeds. Please SAVE HER TODAY!!

If you can SAVE SOLOMON or TINA or BOTH by Adopting, Fostering or Sponsoring (for at least 2 weeks of boarding)... Please E-MAIL BACK TO THIS POST IMMEDIATELY with your contact info or CALL #917-543-6193 and leave your callback info.. THANK YOU!

*Please note there will be a reasonable adoption donation fee requested to cover shots, neuter/spay surgery and microchip*

Friday, January 30, 2009


This GORGEOUS SWEET boy is slated to go down tomorrow because there is no room at the shelter - pls give him a second chance by committing to Adopting, Fostering or Sponsoring him!

Monty, a 10 mo old stray, arrived at the shelter only a week ago. He's a big boy (56 pounds), healthy looking and well nourished and he's got a beautiful snowy white coat. When he first arrived, he used to jump up to shower you with licks and kisses...but he's calmed down now: no more jumping. He's still a young pup and needs to run and be exercised. All he wants is a buddy - human or doggy.

Monty is sooo friendly and easy to walk as he doesn't pull on the leash. He appears to be housetrained and takes treats gently from your fingers. He looks like an angel when he sleeps. Young, sometimes boisterous, but never aggressive. Rather, he is quite playful and he was very civil with all the dogs he met. As with any young dog, Monty needs exercise and training: nothing more. He'll supply the love - THE FULL MONTY right back at ya!!! SO PLEASE GIVE HIM that chance to show you HOW MUCH LOVE HE CAN GIVE.

If you can help SAVE MONTY by adopting, fostering or sponsoring... pls e-mail back to this post (reply to the craigslist e-mail above) or call #212-533-0822 TONIGHT!!! Tomorrow will be too late! THANK YOU!


This sweetie was fortunate after all and a Rescue Group pulled her off the list. I will find out the name of the rescue group so I can forward any interested parties to them... so continue to send me any "hits" my way and keep the posts up but revise them to reflect the following copy below:


Little Fortune was Saved in the nick of time by a Rescue Group so she is safe but she is still looking for her furever home so if you are still interested in her, please see contact info below -THANK YOU!

Fortune is a Sweet Small (only 30 lbs!)2 yr spayed F Black Lab/Shep/Chow/Pit X... she may be a mutt but she's oh so cute and oh so lovable. She's a bit nervous at first but quickly warms up to you as soon as she realizes you're going to play with her! We think she would be fine with other dogs but are not sure about cats.

Please give this girl a chance... everyone could use a Little Fortune these days right?

If you are interested in adopting/fostering Fortune... pls e-mail back to this post ASAP or call #917-543-6193 and leave your callback #... Pls Hurry!

*Please note there will be a reasonable adoption donation fee requested to cover shots, spay surgery and microchip.

Desmond - Aye, Brothah!

Adorable Little Desmond was saved by a rescue group and they only have 24 hours to find a home/foster home or sponsor- he's a good sweet boy that deserves a second chance.. Won't you SAVE HIM by committing to ADOPTING, FOSTERING or SPONSORING TODAY?!

I never like looking at dogs the first day they come into the shelter, but the community should be aware when a dog is in particular need. Desmond is a 3 year old stray who weigh 46 pounds and was rated "moderate" by our vets on the inital exam on January 23rd. He didn't like being restrained and struggled a bit, but who likes being poked and prodded by strangers? When I saw him, he was in his cage, barking when you looked at him but otherwise quiet. I put my hand in front for him to sniff, and his tail began to wag--and, when another staffer did the same thing, we both agreed he was friendly enough for me to walk. Desmond was a very good and polite boy while we walked outside, but off leash he paced, clearly nervous but never aggressive. When I grabbed a broom to clean up the run, he ran away from it- and when I slipped the leash over his head to walk him back in, he cringed and clamped his eyes shut, bracing himself to be HIT! - THIS POOR BOY WAS ABUSED BY HIS PREVIOUS OWNER! Despite this..he's a VERY FRIENDLY BOY but he is insecure and nervous... so he will need a strong confident Human Pack Leader to give him the reassurance and the confidence that he needs..because he's so submissive, we think he will probably be fine with other dogs but we're not sure about cats.

Won't you be his Pack Leader and give him a second chance to be the dog he can be?!!

If you can give this dog a home or a foster home... please e-mail back to this post or CALL #212-533-0822 IMMEDIATELY as time is of the essence!... thank you!

*Please note there will be a reasonable adoption donation fee requested to cover shots, neuter surgery and microchip


Poor Jaden - Saved from death row at a city shelter... he was boarded in a kennel in PA and he's been there for over 5 months!! He needs to get out of jail ASAP as he desparately wants to be in a home to snuggle up to a human! Won't you please open your heart and home to him ASAP!!

Jaden is a short stocky 60 lb male brown/white amstaff mix who is oh so handsome. Even though he was estimated at 3 yrs old... he is full of energy and greets you with tons of wiggles and kisses! He is sweetheart of dog and will need a bit of obedience training but he's eager to learn and is a complete mush. He is very good with all dogs, big and small but not so good with cats and because he's a bit of jumper, we feel he should not go to a home with small children... but he should be fine with older children 12 yrs+. Because of his jumping, he's still going to need some training... but most of this energy comes from being kenneled for so long and once you get him on a good exercise regimen and good firm discipline... he will be your loyal best friend forever! COME AND MEET HIM TODAY!

If you are interested in meeting JADEN... please e-mail back to the reply e-mail above or call #917-543-6193. Please note there will be a reasonable adoption donation fee requested to cover all his shots, neuter surgery and microchip.


Poor Gorda. Her owner has advanced HIV and is very sick and can no longer care for his beloved companion. He reluctantly and tearfully surrendered her to the city KILL SHELTER a few days ago and now she is in danger of being put down!

Please help us to SAVE THIS SWEET DOG!... she deserves another chance at a good home!

Gorda is a sweet 5 year old amstaff who lived a very good life as you can see by her plump figure... she's a bit overweight at 75 lbs!!... but she's all the more to love and just an absolute mush. Her owner assured us that she loves all people, is obedient and housetrained. She walks great on the leash, is very calm even when all the other young dogs were barking at her. She's a snuggle buggle and she just wants to climb into your lap. She would make an owner very happy and loved. She's a real sweetheart, with a beautiful shiny black coat. Won't you give her the second chance she deserves??

If you can commit to ADOPTING or FOSTERING Sweet GORDA... please e-mail back to this post IMMEDIATELY or call #917-543-6193 and leave your callback number... Time is of the Essence as she is in danger of being euthanized in the next day or two! - thank you!


This Darling Girl only has 24 hours left before she is to be PUT DOWN - please come to her aid and SAVE HER by adopting/fostering/sponsoring so she gets the second chance she deserves!

Sweet Shy is a 2 yr, 50 lb beautiful female black and white pit mix that was found abandoned in an apt and brought to the shelter as a stray after being tranquilized by the police. When she awoke, she was very dazed and confused and struggled a bit with the kennel workers because she was very very frightened... now that she's warmed up and gotten acclimated to the shelter, she has shown herself to be a very nice dog... very frightened and yes very Shy. Several volunteers have commented that she is a very nice little gal, well nourished, obedient (she executes basic commands with precision and speed), good on the leash, and has no handling or agression issues with other dogs. She also poses nicely for photos. She will need a patient human pack leader who will work with her on building her confidence but she's already 1/2 way there... she will make a wonderful loyal companion to someone or to another dog and she's good with cats!! She weighs 50 pounds and is only two years old - please give her the second chance she deserves!

If you can SAVE SHY by committing to adopting, fostering or sponsoring, please e-mail back to this post IMMEDIATELY or call #917-543-6193 and leave your callback info! Pls hurry as Time is of the Essence! Thank you!

*Pease note that there will be a reasonable adoption donation fee requested by the shelter to cover shots, spay surgery and microchip if you adopt

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Name: Tank
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year
Breed: White Boxer
Weight: 46 lbs.
Temperment: No concern
Neutered: Yes!
Available for Fostering: Yes!
Available for Adoption: Yes!

***To save TANK email TONIGHT!!!***

On the euthanasia list for tomorrow AM is another gorgeous white dog named TANK, who, despite his name is small at only 46 lbs. He is 1 year old, super sweet and affectionate, does well with other dogs and had and EXCELLENT behavior evaluation. (His hair goes up a bit when he first meets dogs, but he settles down right away.) He is a favorite of shelter staff, and they have asked me to save him.

This is what a volunteer wrote about him:

Tank's parents were evicted from their home. They left him tied in their courtyard from 9:30AM till 8:45PM on one of our colder days of the week. You would never know that poor Tank suffered such an ordeal because he is so sweet and wiggly in his kennel. The medical staff tell us he is around a year old and only weighs 46 pounds.

The doctors did not see any signs of aggression during his exam. They did report some old scaring on his head, face, and fore and hind legs. He has already been seen by our behavior staff. They felt he started the testing a bit nervous but warmed up to the handlers once he knew he was safe. He is reported to do his business outside and therefore might be housebroken. If you want to give a new better life to Tank, please, come to the shelter as soon as possible. His time at the shelter is limited.

Tank has only hours left-- if you would like to apply to foster or adopt, please email me at and I will send you the appropriate application. You will still need to be approved, so please apply early so I have time to look at the application.



Name: Sandy
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years
Breed: Brindle Pittie
Weight: 35 lbs.
Temperment: No concern
Neutered: Yes!
Available for Fostering: Yes!
Available for Adoption: Yes!

To save SANDY'S LIFE, email ASAP! There is no time to waste!

Sandy loves to run! Tail wagging, tongue hanging, she appears to be quite the happy dog despite her harsh surroundings and dangerous situation So dangerous that tomorrow will die unless a kind soul saves her.

As a volunteer found out who walked and photographed Sandy, she also loves to crawl into your lap to gives kisses and get hugs. She is a 2-year-old brown brindle and white American Pit Bull Terrier mix.

Like most dogs who come to the shelter, she probably has had obedience training, which isn't her fault. She does tug on the lead, so your teaching her to walk nicely and obey your commands would be great for the two of you. She even seems like she will be good with cats! She completely ignores them, even when they hiss.

SANDY had a PERFECT behavior evaluation, and should be great in nearly any home. Like any pittie, she will need plenty of affection, discipline and exercise!!!

Won't you email tonight so that tomorrow you can adopt this sweet little girl? She wants to live and play with you for years to come.

Contact NOW or she will be gone tomorrow by 6 AM!


Name: Ashley
Sex: Female
Age: 8 years
Breed: Staffie
Weight: 55 lbs.
Temperment: Dogs/Kids - No; Cats - Yes Please!
Neutered: Yes!
Available for Fostering: Yes!
Available for Adoption: Yes!

At 8 years old and about 55 lbs, Ashley found herself dumped in a kill shelter, left to die alone as puppies and small dogs found homes, but she, a senior pittie girl, was overlooked. She made her way onto the euthanasia list, and it looked like the end for Ashley-- a hard life, probably as a breeder, was to end on a cold, hard metal table, held down by jaded hands.

At the last minute, In Our Hands Rescue stepped in to take her, and sent her to a wonderful foster home. With the failing economy, the foster lost his job and moved to Philadelphia, leaving Ashley behind. Despite our pleas, no one stepped up to help poor Ashley. She was sent to a boarding kennel, where she passes her days in a cage, not a home.

Life has been hard on this old girl, you see, as a dog bred for her puppies, she is not particularly fond of other dogs - she was not socialized, and was probably approached by other dogs only to mate. Additionally, city life scares her, as she was not often walked or given access to people other than her caretaker. She is sweet and wonderful though, as long as she is away from the stressful hustle and bustle off city life, and appears to really enjoy the company of cats. She knows basic commands and is not too terribly zippy on the leash.

For these reasons, we would like to place Ashley in a foster or adoptive home outside of the city, with adults only, no dogs but cats are OK. Like our other dogs, Ashley will come spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped, dewormed and heartworm tested--- but she will NOT come with an adoption fee. We simply want to find the right home for her.

If you would like to save Ashley, a sweet, gentle old girl from ending her days in a cage, please contact We are committed to making sure this is not all life has to offer her. Please, Please email and help her start her life anew.

Videos of Ashley:

If you would like to make a donation toward the cost of boarding her while an appropriate home is found, PLEASE VISIT and click "donate".


Name: Chelsea
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years
Breed: rednose
Weight: 65 lbs.
Temperment: Dogs - No, Kids 12+, Cats - No
Spayed: Yes!
Available for Fostering: Yes!
Available for Adoption: Yes!

Gorgeous Chelsea is getting booted from her current home because of a dispute with the resident dog. She can only stay until this SUN, 12/28!! so we urgently need to find her a new home/foster home by then.

Chelsea is a beautiful 3 yr old spayed female bluenose pit weighing in at a healthy 65 lbs. She was originally rescued from a kill shelter in NYC and was dropped off as a stray. She was what they call a "throwaway mom" - used for breeding and then tossed. Despite her strong muscular looks, she is an absolute sweetheart and very loving with all humans but she is a bit timid and fearful with other dogs and she can be reactive on the leash when she sees other dogs, other than that she walks easily on the leash, knows basic commands, is housebroken, crate trained and generally has a very low key couch potato demeanor but she needs firm direction and leadership from a STRONG HUMAN LEADER and we feel that as a result of her not getting along with the resident dog, she needs to go to an EXPERIENCED BULLY BREED OWNER.Ideally she should be an ONLY DOG and because of her strength/size, she should go to a home with older kids ages 12+ and NO CATS.

IF You are looking for a wonderful gorgeous pit, please consider adopting/fostering CHELSEA. If you are serious about committing to her, pls e-mail back to this post or to or call #917-543-6193 ASAP!! and leave your name, contact# and e-mail address *ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE*

*Pls note this dog is located in the Metropolitan NYC Area - Transport can be arranged provided certain criteria is met* There will be a reasonable rehoming fee requested to cover shots, spay surgery and microchip*

If you'd like to help out CHELSEA or dogs in need by making a donation to In Our Hands Rescue - you can do so by going to this link